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Green Food Project

Welcome to the Green Food Project online forum. We want to hear your views on the future of food production and the environment in England; the challenges ahead, and the solutions.

The Foresight report on the future of food and farming argued that the “global food supply will need to increase without the use of substantially more land and with diminishing impact on the environment: sustainable intensification is a necessity.” The Green Food Project is trying to get to grips with what England’s role in this challenge should be, by bringing together government, industry and environmental partners to look at how we might reconcile the goals of improving the environment and increasing food production in England.

As of 31 May 2012, this forum has now been closed to further comment. We are very grateful for the views which you have submitted.

Your comments will help shape the conclusions of the Green Food project, which are due to be published in the summer and will influence future agriculture and food policy.

  1. The food system
  2. Innovation & technology
  3. Skills
  4. Land-use
  5. Diet & consumption
  6. Waste
  7. England’s strengths
  8. Suggestions?